Think Global, Buy Local
Walnut Grove Gardens
Walnut Grove Gardens has, since it's inception in 1991, devoted its efforts to producing the finest in culinary herbs, vegetables, fruits and cut flowers using sustainable farming practices.  This city farm located in northwest Wichita has utilized a whole system awareness to develop a safe local food supply.  Every good cook knows the best food is found locally.   

The goal at Walnut Grove Gardens is the development of a small-scale agricultural system creating living soil in a sustainable garden.  This is accomplished through community sustainable resources use, organic methods and deep soil preparation for good soil structure culminating in a safe food supply full of all the nutrients, flavor and wholesomeness nature has to offer.    
For ten years Walnut Grove Gardens was Wichita's first and only CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) delivering a twenty five week vegetable subscription.  Along with the weekly supply of vegetables there was also a newsletter with cooking suggestions and a brief story of what was happening in the gardens.  All of our produce is now sold through Home Grown Kansas!
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