As members of the local gardening community, we are intimately familiar with the benefits of growing our own, fresh from the garden, produce.  The satisfaction of watching our efforts culminate as food for our family's table is reward indeed for our hard work.  Many times the fruits and vegetables are so delicious with all the nutritional value and flavor that nature has to offer, they are enjoyed before they can make the short trip to our kitchen.
Home Grown Kansas! was developed to promote and encourage area growers by marketing their fresh, top quality produce to the Wichita community.  It is our desire to provide a dependable and secure local food source for our area.  We personally engage in food production on our urban farm, Walnut Grove Gardens, located in near northwest Wichita, where we live and farm using sustainable, self sufficient practices.  Over the years, the demand for our produce has become greater than what we can supply from our city farm.  We have sought out growers who share our commitment to good farming practices and to good food to join us in our efforts to provide sustainable food choices for our community.
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Imagine getting off the industrial food cycle and receiving naturally grown, local produce from a farm that you can know and trust.  You will enjoy fresh herbs, fruits and vegetables that are tasty and nutritious while taking food security into your own hands.  Your CSA purchase will benefit our local farms, community and economy.  These are the principles behind the Home Grown Kansas CSA Subscription Program.
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How many times have you purchased a tomato from the supermarket that tastes like a pepper that tastes like a squash that tastes like a carrot that..?  In other words, by the time the supermarket faire has made it to your table it has little or no taste or nutritional value left.
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Sustainable Gardening for a Sustainable Community
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